Sam Al-Murrani, Ph.D., MBA

Dr. Sam Al-Murrani serves as Interim Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors at Prommune, Inc.  He earned his undergraduate degree in Animal Science from the University of Edinburgh and completed his Ph.D. in Immunology/Biochemistry at the Roslin Institute and the Department of Veterinary Pathology at the University of Edinburgh.  He holds a Finance M.B.A. from Baker University.

Dr. Al-Murrani has 25 years of experience in life sciences within industry and academia and has extensive business management skills.  He is a recognized expert within the Animal Health industry and has served on the selection committee for InvestMidWest and the judging panel for the Animal Health Investment Forum and continues to serve on the selection committee and as coach for executives of candidate companies at the Animal Health Investment Forum.  He is also a regular contributor of Animal Health-related editorial articles and is on the editorial advisory board of the International Animal Health Journal, a peer reviewed publication supporting the development of veterinary drugs, veterinary devices and animal food.  The Journal is published by Pharma Publications in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Al-Murrani has numerous publications found in various peer reviewed scientific journals, including Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB), the Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC), Biochemical Journal, BMC Genomics and the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery.  His work includes a book chapter on Nutritional Genomics in Health and Disease, which appears in the 5th edition of Small Animal Clinical Nutrition, a textbook used by all North American veterinary schools and a reference used by many practicing veterinarians.  Dr. Al-Murrani is also the sole inventor of several granted patents from the United States, Europe and China relating to the discovery of potential diagnostic and therapeutic targets in ovarian and colon cancer patients (7,700,280; 8,192,935 (United States); 1,704,250 (Europe) and ZL 201110195193.7 (China).  He is also an inventor on US patent 8,759,258 relating to the diagnosis of feline osteoarthritis.  Dr. Al-Murrani is owner and majority shareholder in several ongoing businesses including Babylon BioConsulting LLC, a full service human and animal health consulting firm and Bimini LLC a manufacturer of pet dose-form health supplements and health treats.


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